3DAdams WeatherCam

Welcome to the view from the back of our house. The camera is pointing to the west at about 280°. I am using a Marshall V-2217-BNC Bullet-Size Weatherproof color camera. ImageSalsa Weather Edition Version 1.9.3 is doing the capturing and graphics. MovieSalsa Version 1.0.8 is used to convert the individual images into a timelapse "movie".

If are seeing the 3DAdams Weather logo, that is because it is dark outside and my camera is a daylight only camera. There isn't much to see after dark except for a few street lights. I turn the image off 60 minutes after sunset and start it again 55 before sunrise. Depending on the weather, it may get dark before the camera shuts off, so you may still see black pictures at times.

Last Hour Timelapse Image

The last hour timelapse image displays what the sky looked like in the last hour. This is an AVI file that is about 49 KB in size. This file stays on the website overnight until the next sunrise, when a new one for the current day is created. Those of you with a modem should be able to get this file fairly easily.

Daylight Hour Timelapse Image

The daylight hour video size varies depending on what time of day it is. The later in the day, the larger the file. The maximum size is about 1.554 MB, which will take a little longer to download if you are connecting using a modem. This timelapse image stays on the site until the next sunrise, when a new one for the current day is created

Template last modified: January 20, 2007

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